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Old Phones vs New Phones

I want to keep my old phones.

I hear this all the time my when we are working with new customers, my initial thought is always WHHYYY?!?!? Followed quickly by a bunch of questions asking our new customer the phones age, brand, model and any issues they are having. While keeping your phones is an option most of the time it is NOT the best option. Just like you would be crazy to use payphones instead of a cell phone in 2000, it would be crazy to use your existing 10 year old Cisco phones when you could be using brand new Polycoms. Path technology is fortunate to work with many providers that are offer free or extremely discounted phones so you can replace your phones with little to no cost. If you want to keep your old phones and they work, I get it "if its not broken, don't fix it" we can help you provision your old phones too.

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