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What I do is better

So, do you work for COX? I was asked this the other day in a networking meeting. The person seemed very upset that I didn’t work for COX and was confused by how I could possibly provide him with a COX solution if I did not work for COX. I explained how I am a consultant and I work with 150 providers including COX, I access the same rates as direct sales reps and have the same or better access to support. The benefit of being an outside consultant is that I can provide you with COX internet, I can provide you a different service for your phones or your back up, I can save you money by mixing and matching different carriers to suit your business’s needs, and I can even do it with one bill! I can make carriers compete against each other for your business saving you money. I can provide you a 4G back up connection if your COX internet ever goes down, and I can provide you internet security and data backup. I am educated in not only how COX works but how Century Link, Viasat, and TPX do their systems. I have clients operating with different solutions, and I see how those work in their businesses. So, no I don’t work for COX. What I do is much, much better.

Explore you options, with Path Technology !

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