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CRM - Customer Relationship Management and more

For the last two years, CRM software has been the fastest-growing section of the software market according to Gartner and for a good reason. Salesforce released a study that showed CRM use increased sales by 29%! CRM software is morphing from simple databases and excel sheets into business intelligence services that can provide a wide range of information from improved customer insight to data to employee performance. In an age where leads are becoming more challenging to obtain and close and customer retention is more important. CRM’s are the tool that business are turning to help them grow.

So, which one do you choose?

I think it depends on your organization’s structure, the technical ability of the users, willingness to use the software and integrations available. Because what good is the tool if you don’t use it! Here are some questions to ask when choosing a CRM for your organization?

What is your budget? CRM’s range from Free to $100 per user per month, so figure out what your organization is willing to spend.

Is the interface customizable? So, you can display the info you want and not the info you don’t use.

What analytics are built-in?

How easy to use is the software? Most CRM’s will offer a free trial. I recommend you test a few out and see what works best for you.

Does the CRM have native integration with your Phone System? Social Media? Email? Marketing Campaigns? Path Technology can assist in these integrations if you need it.

Is there an open API* so I can integrate with my phones, email, and social media platforms? Open API’s allow for another API *’s to integrate with your CRM.

Is the product secure, and does it meet the compliance regulations for your industry?

* API stands for Application Program Interface. API’s specify how software components should interact.

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