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Stop it!!!!

Are you using your personal cell phone for business? Are you asking your employees to use their cell phones for business? Well, STOP IT--NOW. Nothing is more confusing than when a customer calls your main number and it is forwarded to a different number’s cell phone with a generic greeting that has nothing to do with business or the phone number they dialed. For as little as $19.99 a month you can have your own personalized auto attendant that will not only protect you from spam calls (robots can’t press one yet), but more importantly it will route your callers to your own business line and business voicemail through an app on your cell phone. We will also throw in unlimited inbound/ outbound calling, texting, and an efax if you order by 9pm today! (J/K you can order anytime!) Allowing your business to look WAY more professional to your valued customers and allowing your employees to spend their minutes calling their mom or grandmother to check in on them. Because we know that is exactly who they will call with their extra minutes. This will also allow you, as the business owner, to have call analytics for your business calls and capture your customers contact information instead of that information being on your employee or soon to be ex-employee (because they haven’t been talking to their mom) personal cell phone. You can still transfer calls to your personal cell phone or any other outside number through the app, but you no longer have to.

Stop using your personal cell phone for business!

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