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Cloud Based Contact Center

A Cloud-based Contact Center is where a telecommunications provider owns and operates contact center technology for the contact center. Cloud-based contact centers offer an innovative way to approach the pitfalls of a call center business. Cloud-based platforms offer features that improve customer interaction, workforce optimization, and provide cost savings. Cloud contact center software offers the tools and functionalities like call recording, text/sms capability, quality management and call analytics that improve call center performance. With cloud-based centers, there are little or no hardware requirements.  This eliminates the need for up-front investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

-Start with 5 seats and grow to 5000 seats without hassleSupports multiple locations and remote agents

-Easy to upgradeRapid deployment timeFits Most Budgets Pay-as-you-go-modelReduces call handling and agent idle times  

-Better service/up time as compared to premise based systemsSupport for blended environments (inbound/outbound)

-Complete disaster recovery plan in place to ensure reliability and availability

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